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rolex datejust replica it is three years old now and it's not,scratched up of course relics has unique,stainless steel and it's very very,durable and very scratch resistant but I,mean it looks really really good for,three years I have not had it,professionally cleaned or polished or,anything like that yet and then it is,automatic movement and so the little,crown on the side which also all the,Rolex is if I can zoom enough on that,one see the little crown on the dial,they all have the crown on the dial but,if you undo this it'll pop out one and,you start winding it and that will make,it run this also has the self winding movement.

The Rolex Datejust replica was introduced in replicamagic as the first self-winding wristwatch that indicates the date on the window dial. There is a very basic model called the "Datejust". If yours is over 50 years old then you have a fine replica watch, that you should keep. You will only can ripped off if you sell it. Keep in mind that the market is flooded with fake Rolex.

Datejust is the Rolex trademark for the date function. so as you're wearing this if, you wear this every day you'll never,have to wind it,because it will keep it going you know,it gives it power and gives it battery,life on its own I absolutely love this. Fluted Bezel - The fluted bezel is a work of great craftmanship. It was designed and polished in such where it will capture and bounce more light than any other kinds of bezel. It’s also one of the most iconic features of a Datejust.

Datejust, being part of the Oyster Perpetual family, showcases the distinct features of a Rolex watch: watch let me show it to you on I do have,very small risks they're about five and,a half inches and this is what a 36,millimeter looks like on me I would have,gotten a 38 even though this is quite,obviously a little bit overwhelming from,my wrist size but I love love big,watches and an interesting little fact,

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The Datejust was first introduced with a jubilee bracelet which was especially made for it. No other watch models from Rolex carried this type of bracelet prior to its introduction

about this the date just how it has a, Date - Hence, “Datejust.” It features the date at 3 o’clock magnified by cyclops with 2.5x magnification. little magnifying mirror there that he,did for his wife because she was having,trouble seeing her watches so he put the,little magnifier in there so that she,could see it it's I believe his name is,Hans will willed off I'm probably not,doing his last name right because I'm,not positive I've it's been a while,since I've read about that but another,interesting fact about Rolex is the name,

Screw-Down Crown - Like any Oyster Perpetual models, the Datejust features a screw down crown, making it waterproof as it is. Other watches without this feature are easily vulnerable to water sipping into the mechanism of the watch.

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Rolex means absolutely nothing he came,up with a name because he wanted,something that would be very easy to,pronounce in all languages so if you,ever watched my channel I butcher all,sorts of pronunciations,but everybody can say Rolex and I think,that's really pretty smart business move,you know everybody can say it so but,here it is again if you're considering,getting one of these they come in so,many different styles I do really,recommend the Jubilee over the oyster,just because the oyster is really high,polished and it will show scratches and,wear a lot more than the Jubilee will,and Rolex is also one of the very few,watches that will really retain its,value which is really nice I will never.

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