Road Trip Photography Hacks

The key to good photography

Travel photography doesn’t have to be a big deal. It can be fun, with easy-to-carry accessories, and yet creative, just by following some simple, hassle-free hacks. Here are a few to keep in mind

Road Trip Photography Hacks

Hack #1: Photography with phone lens
The key to good photography is composition – it creates a certain aesthetic. An easy hack for phone photography is to invest in a phone lens, which adds a unique visual dynamism to the pictures.

HACK #2: Sunglasses as Natural Filters
It is not always possible to shoot in the magic hours of sunrise and sunset. So use your sunglasses as filter to add a vintage look, especially when shooting in harsh light conditions. You can also spray water to create some cool effects.

Hack #3: Using the Panorama Feature
The internet is flooded with travel pictures, but what will make yours stand out is the uniqueness you bring to it with your perspective, and how you use the given tools in your phone camera. Use the in-built Panorama Feature on your mobile phone to create unique, travel photo concepts.

Hack #4: Unique Perspective with GoPro
You don’t want to get so busy clicking pictures that you miss out on the moments on the road. A GoPro with gimbal (and suction) lets you stay hands-free, enjoy the moment, and yet allow for the most creative captures of your travel.

Hack #5: Filming Yourself
Travelling solo, or find yourself alone in a moment worth capturing? Fret not. Did you know you can click pictures with the button on you phone earphones? Well now you do! So take out those tangled earphones from your bag and put them to better use. An even better way is to click yourself using a GoPro stick, giving you wide-angle shots, capturing open vistas with ease.

Hack #6: Use GoPro Clamp
With an adjustable strap a GoPro clamp enables a secure grip even on irregular shapes, allowing for a wider variety of angles to shoot your best moments in.

Go ahead, use these simple hacks and you’ll come back with pictures that do justice to the magic you witnessed.