• Amrapali Shinde

    Amrapali Shinde

    Singer & Musician

    A musician by profession and a foodie by passion, Amrapali loves to travel and take inspiration from her journeys. She calls herself a ‘Daring Dreamer’ who is not afraid to go and explore the world on her own.

  • Deepak Ramola

    Deepak Ramola

    Poet & International Educator

    He is a two-time TED Talk speaker and UN Action Plan Executor. He also serves as the Kindness Ambassador for UNESCO MGIEP. A celebrated lyricist in Hindi cinema, he is also a published author. Deepak's unique methodology of giving life lessons at his organisation Project FUEL has been recognised as an innovation in education and it serves people all around the world.

  • Elisha Mayor

    Elisha Mayor

    Dancer & Actor

    A 22-year old whose purpose in life is to freely express herself through dancing, acting, writing and singing - basically through all forms of art. Her wish is to lead a life in which she can impact the lives of peoples through her art.

  • Nidhi Dhingra

    Nidhi Dhingra

    Travel Writer

    As a writer and illustrator, Nidhi has worked on over 40 travel guides in India like the Goodearth Publications. While on the road, she's armed with a curious mind, a sketchpad and her taste buds. She currently heads communications at INK Talks and captures the journey of change-makers in India.

  • Riddhi Parekh

    Riddhi Parekh

    Award-Winning Photographer

    A National Geographic award-winning photographer and a passionate traveller, Riddhi has done some remarkable work in the field of photography while travelling across the world. After finding her true calling in the ad world, she has continued her work as a fashion photographer and a lifestyle storyteller for magazines.

  • Sadhna Prasad

    Sadhna Prasad

    Award-winning Artist & Illustrator

    Sadhna is a storyteller, illustrator and muralist based in Bangalore, India. Apart from her digital art, she works around stereotypes and explores traditional Indian art forms. She’s also the Art Director of the Aravani Art Project which works with powerful individuals from the transgender community to promote inclusivity through wall art.

  • Yash Rane

    Yash Rane

    Content Creator & Chef

    A 29-year old Mumbaikar who started as a chef, but his passion for travelling and photography, took him in a different direction. He now travels around the world creating incredible content.

  • Bharat Babbar

    Bharat Babbar


    An actor, explorer, storyteller, & facilitator who loves getting on the road to explore new places, people and stories.

  • Palak Adlakha

    Palak Adlakha

    Artist, Illustrator & Part-time Teacher

    Palak is an artist, freelance illustrator and a graphic designer who is working on exploring all that can be done on a canvas. She believes that the world can be led into the right direction through art and there is a lot that can be expressed through the medium. She also dabbles in the field of teaching at the Pearl Academy.

  • Prathamesh Tambe

    Prathamesh Tambe

    Musician & Music Producer

    He is an independent musician with a heart-warming voice and soul-stirring stories. His music is cosy like a bonfire in the cold winter night. See him work his magic this journey!

  • Rithika Baruah

    Rithika Baruah

    Storyteller & Marketeer

    Rithika is a management ninja and a globetrotter. After playing senior role in management at a multinational company, she quit everything and moved to Africa. She has travelled over 35+ countries and has now started her own company called Freebirds.

  • Ivan



    Ivan is an illustrator, a sketch artist and a designer whose work has been exhibited across Spain and India. He is an experienced Flamenco musician, which is a type of folk art from southern Spain and also, trains several artists in the genres of art and music.