• Joris Van Doorslaer

    Joris Van Doorslaer

    People facilitator, Ex-Googler & Movement maker

    Purpose: Help people identify their true potential through creativity

    X-Factor: He is at the heart of the creative revolution. Having toured several countries, he is now recognized as a Life Explorer, Experience Developer and Insight Facilitator

  • Kalyaani



    Purpose: Empower women with the support of the government of Canada & UN Women

    X-Factor: Debut album ‘Noise in my head’, featured in the Rolling Stones magazine in Feb, 2018 and rec-ognized as one of the top 10 female singer-songwriters of India. She is also the founder of the band ‘Anantara’

  • Vibhor Yadav

    Vibhor Yadav


    Purpose: Capture every image with a delirious eye for detail

    X-Factor: Featured in magazines like Shortlist in London, AutoX, Zigwheels and Inside Out, he is known for his work with brands like Nike, Puma and Royal Enfield. Be it landscapes, portraits, archi-tecture, automobile, travel, street or brand- he’s covered it all

  • Varun Pande

    Varun Pande

    Actor, Poet & Professional body builder

    Purpose: Expresses through writing & acting

    X-Factor: He has worked extensively on-screen and in theatre, he also performs at spoken word festi-vals and aspires to represent India in professional body building

  • Ayushi Shah

    Ayushi Shah

    Writer & Poet

    Purpose: Create a massive impact on the road through creativity

    X-Factor: Best known for writing features & poetry, acting & directing, she has worked with BBC, Na-tional Geographic, Traveller & White Print (India’s first Braille lifestyle Magazine). She is current-ly working on a documentary on the disabled in Mumbai

  • Norzin Norbhu

    Norzin Norbhu

    Illustrator & Painter

    Purpose: Make art more accessible to the common man

    X-Factor: Her work ’36 days of type’ helped the deaf community access her art. In collaboration with designers around the world, she has also curated a fashion collection ‘Winsome Goods’ to help migrants who were separated during the Trump campaign. An ardent road-tripper with an obsession for tea

  • Poornima Sukumar

    Poornima Sukumar

    Muralist & Founder, Aravani Art Project

    Purpose: Empower communities to break free from preconceived notions

    X-Factor: She is widely recognized for her murals across the globe. She has left her mark in countries like San Fransisco, Istanbul, Boston, New York, Oregon & India

  • Madi


    Artist, Healer & Poet

    Purpose: Weave stories through art

    X-Factor: Coming from the United States, she is on a journey to explore the inlands and secrets of India. She is a magical being that dwells on the many forms of creativity like illustrations, painting, healing and poetry

  • Parth Savla

    Parth Savla


    Purpose: Voice every idea & design

    X-Factor: Insanely talented, he loves meeting new people as much as sketching doodling and designing. He has designed campaigns for the Indian Premier League, NBA and McDonalds

  • Ximena Ross

    Ximena Ross


    Purpose: Travel & create art from nothingness

    X-Factor: She started sketching and illustrating at the age of 5 by drawing labyrinths and turning letters into little characters. Residing in Peru, she is a full-time illustrator drawing inspiration from trav-eling across the globe

  • Amit Jana

    Amit Jana

    Cashless Traveller & Photographer, All India Football Federation

    Purpose: Finds his calling on the road, on the football field & behind the camera

    X-Factor: A traveller by heart, he completed an incredibly difficult journey through the oldest temple city, cashless. Envied by traveller across the country, he is also the official photographer of the All India Football Federation

  • Yash Rane

    Yash Rane

    GoPro Advocate

    Purpose: Live life, on the move

    X-Factor: A traveller in love with the roads, lifestyle, food and sneaker enthusiast. He has a massive Hotwheels collection and is also an Asia Pacific content creator for GoPro